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3 05, 2018

Is My Electric Shaver Kosher? (short version)

May 3rd, 2018|Shaving, Yoreh De'ah|

[Note: This is an abreviated version of a longer teshuvah on the same topic]


Can I shave with an electric shaver and are all models permissible?


In two separate verses, the Torah prohibits men to shave their beards.  In parashat Kedoshim, the Torah states: “You shall not destroy (tashchit) the corners of your beards,” (Vayikra 19:27).  Two chapters later, in parashat Emor, addressing the male Kohanim, the Torah states: “The corners of their beards they shall not shave (yigaleichu),” (Vayikra 21:5).  The Talmud (Makkot 21a) states that these two verses are not two separate prohibitions, one for Kohanim and one for all male Jews,