25 01, 2021

Keriat Megillah Without Trope

January 25th, 2021|Orach Chayim, Purim|


What is the minimum requirement for reading megillah? Can one simply read it without trope? The reader would be reading from a kosher megillah. Thanks!


Yes, reading without trope works. Getting the grammar/pronunciation right is critical. Although you don’t need trop, you need to stop in the right places. Basically where there is an etnachata or sof pasuk. Basically, don’t do something like:

.ויהי. בימי אחשורוש הוא. אחשורוש המלך מהדו ועד־כוש שבע ועשרים. ומאה מדינה

You get the idea.

24 01, 2021

Keriat Megillah With Multiple Klafim

January 24th, 2021|Orach Chayim, Purim|


Baltimore, MD

Rebbe, thank you for the thorough answers to my many keriat HaMegillah questions. The possibility of a Zoomer being shown a klaf over Zoom is quite intriguing and would be a huge deal for us, as we have folks (women in particular) for whom reading megillah is a major point of engagement and who are not able to attend outdoor services for different reasons. They do not own their own klaf, but the possibility of allowing them to participate would be a very big deal for them personally and for our shul to be […]

20 12, 2020

Dividing Up Megillat Esther When Reading by Zoom

December 20th, 2020|Orach Chayim, Purim|


Chicago, IL

Purim: Many of us learned last year that megillah can be heard via telephone or Zoom. Can it be read by someone who is also fulfilling his mitzvah, in part, over telephone or zoom? In other words, can three people divide up the megillah, each of them reading 1/3 of the megillah from a klaf, and each of them hearing 2/3 of the megillah over the phone.

In contrast, last year, the telephone broadcasting megillah was in the room where the megillah was read and everyone who read was […]

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