Women in the Synagogue – the Mechitza and the Ezrat Nashim

October 30th, 2009|Tefillah, Women|

Regarding mechitza we find 3 models in the achronim. There are those that say that it is to prevent kalut rosh – levity (based on the Gemara in Sukkah regarding the simchat beit HaShoyeva, the festival on Sukkot for the water drawing). This then divides into two possibilities: (1) To prevent men from seeing the women and having sexual thoughts (Chatam Sofer) and (2) To prevent an intermingling of men and women, as a mixed-gender environment is deemed inappropriate for the experience of tfillah (Rav Moshe Feinstein). Finally, there are those who base it not on kalut rosh but (3) […]