Eating at a Table Partially Outside of the Eiruv



This is a makeshift eruv set up at a cabin. The eruv goes over the table so that half of the table is inside the eiruv and half outside. More of a theoretical question: I know there is a similar question regarding sukkah, but is there an issue if ראשו ורובו בתוך הערוב ושלחנו חוץ לערוב—having your entire body within an eruv, but a part of the table at which you’re eating outside an eruv?

Any issue with eating at the table on the part that is inside the eruv?


It’s fine. Even were this a sukkah it would be ok. The only problem in the sukkah case (when it is a sukkah gedolah and not a shiur issue) is when the entire table is in the house. See Mishnah Berurah 634:6

ואם מקצת שולחנו עומד בסוכה ומקצתו תוך הבית מותר דלא גזרינן שמא ימשך אחר שולחנו

And this issue is also irrelevant to making a reshut hayachid רשות היחיד (which is what an eruv is doing). The concern is relevant to sukkah where the mitzvah is אכילה בתוך הסוכה—eating in the sukkah.

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