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Baltimore, MD

Rebbe, thank you for the thorough answers to my many keriat HaMegillah questions. The possibility of a Zoomer being shown a klaf over Zoom is quite intriguing and would be a huge deal for us, as we have folks (women in particular) for whom reading megillah is a major point of engagement and who are not able to attend outdoor services for different reasons. They do not own their own klaf, but the possibility of allowing them to participate would be a very big deal for them personally and for our shul to be able to benefit from their contribution.

Regarding megillah reading having to be in the context of a kosher klaf , is there any any reason that it would have to be from the same klaf. In shul on a typical year every ba’al korei comes to the bimah and reads from the sane klaf, even though many of our readers have their own megillah.

Regarding bad weather, what if there is rain/snow which would make outdoor services not feasible for anyone (we don’t have a tent, and besides from major discomfort, reading in such bad weather would potentially ruin the megillah scroll)? Even with no critical mass assembled at the shul, if relying on the pesak that megillah over zoom is okay, then it would be okay for the various assigned readers to read from their homes as long as the requirement of majority from a kosher klaf is met, per the follow up question above.


I don’t see why it would have to be from the same klaf. I think it would be best if the person reading from the chumash could read the first pasuk from the klaf over Zoom. Also, I would recommend having two windows open, one with Zoom, and one alongside it with the pesukim from the chumash. Then you could look straight at the screen and read the pesukim from the chumash, with the megillah directly in front of you.

Regarding bad weather, you are correct.