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Rabbi Dov LinzerRabbi Dov Linzer, the Rosh HaYeshiva and President of YCT Rabbinical School, is an acclaimed Torah scholar and posek for the Modern Orthodox community. Rabbi Linzer has published over 100 teshuvot and halakhic articles, and serves as a religious guide to the yeshiva’s over 150 rabbis serving in the field, answering hundreds of halakhic questions from them and other rabbis and lay people each year.

This blog brings to the larger community the psakim that Rabbi Linzer has been providing to YCT’s rabbis via a WhatsApp group for practical quest Save ions that arise for YCT rabbis and Maharat musmachot in the field. The answers to these questions are generally shorter than a full-length teshuvah, which has the benefit of making them more accessible to a wide audience. We have also included in this blog Rabbi Linzer’s full-length teshuvot that have been published on the Lindenbaum Center and the YCT Torah Library as well as his recent weekly videos based on the questions from the rabbis in the field.


Teshuvot on:

  • Daily issues: Kashrut, Moadim, Shabbat and Tefillah
  • Family Issues: Fertility, Birth Control, Abortion, Niddah, and Sex
  • Lifecycles: Birth, Bris, Marriage, Death and Dying, Aveilut
  • Status issues: Converts, Gender, and LGBTQ
  • Special topics: Science and Medical Ethics, Avoda Zara and Other Religions


All teshuvot are searchable by topic, Shulchan Arukh section, references, open search and tags.

How to search by siman and seif of the Shulchan Arukh:

“Shulchan Arukh OC 426:1,” and try permutations with parentheses around the citations (e.g. around “OC 426:1” or just “426:1”). The abbreviations are: Orach Chayim (OC), Yoreh De’ah (YD), Even HaEzer (EH), Choshen Mishpat (CM).


Ask a Shaila! You may submit your own question to Rabbi Linzer here.