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1 12, 2020

Laying Tefillin for Chinukh

December 1st, 2020|Berakhot, Orach Chayim, Tefillin|


California, CA

For numerous reasons, I daven at home before going into school, but then I put on tefillin at school again for chinukh reasons. I should say a berakhah, right?


If there is hefseik of siluk hada’at or that you go into a place where you cannot be wearing your tefillin – i.e., the bathroom (although, whether that is really true with today’s bathrooms is a different question) – then you say another berakhah. If you were to take them off, go into the car, go

14 04, 2011

Magical Mezuzahs? Not so Much

April 14th, 2011|Mezuzah, Tefillin, Uncategorized|

In Masechet Menachot, there is a very rich section that deals with the laws of tefillin and mezuzah.   A particular theme of interest, especially in the context of the korban Pesach, is that of the mezuzah as an object that protects the house.   This idea is never stated in the Torah.  To the contrary, the Torah juxtaposes the mitzvah of mezuzah with that of tefillin and of constant Torah study.  The message is clear – have reminders of God all around you,  think of God and God’s mitzvot, and learn Torah at all times – when you