Kashering a Dutch Oven for Pesach Used for Both Cooking and Baking


Chicago, IL

Kashering question—this Dutch Oven is used as a pot, but also upside down to make bread. How should it be kashered for Pesach? Do we follow it’s majority usage (רוב תשמישו) as a pot, and therefore require hagalah? Or do we do libun for the smaller piece since it’s it used for baking but only a lid for bishul?


I have a hard time considering this rov tashmisho. I don’t think that rov tashmisho is measured by 51%. If using it for bread is a regular use, I think you have to kasher it for that use. However, given that there is a debate whether chametz during the rest of the year is considered issura bala or hetera balah (forbidden absorption or kosher absorption), as long as the use for bread is relatively infrequent, you can combine the svara of rov tashmisho with hetera balah and kasher via hagalah (see MB 451:28)

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