Reciting Sheva Brachot at a Meal More than a Week after the Wedding


Brooklyn NY

A beloved couple in my Shul is eloping and having a bare minimum halakhic wedding on a hill in Colorado. They’ll be returning to New York after a week but within thirty days of the wedding. They would very much like to do an official, sheva berakhot style meal with the community. This will effectively be their wedding celebration for most of their friends and even family. They know about the berakhot of sheva berakhot and actively want to do them. I know that saying “shehasimha bimono” (and I understand correctly, the full Sheva Berakhot) used to be done for up to 12 months! But I also underhand that the Semag / Tur /Shulchan Arukh says that today we no longer do this. What is the Rosh Yeshiva’s thoughts on whether we could say shehasimcha/sheva berakhot as part of this wedding celebration?


You are correct that shehasimha bimono used to be done up to 12 months afterward at a meal that was made specifically for the chatan and kallah, but that the practice is to not do it (see Shulchan Arukh EH 62:13). Since we are not talking about a berakhah, and given the circumstances, I do not see a problem here to follow the ikar halakha and add this phrase to the zimun. It is not allowed to do sheva berakhot during this time—although you could do them without shem u’malkhut if you wanted.

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