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Chicago, IL

What is your guidance for kashering kitchen utensils that are never used for chameitz but are kept in the kitchen during the year. For example, a French press for making coffee that sits on the counter top and is washed with chameitz in the sink or dishwasher (with soap)? What about a special rack for roasting liver which is only used for liver and never with chameitz in the oven at the same time?


If it sits in the kitchen, but never comes in hot contact with anything chameitz, then you can use it. Just wash it off and you are fine. The French press that only comes in contact with chameitz in the sink, even assuming there was yad soledet bo water, is also fine, as there was soup. The food was nifsal mei’achilat kelev before it was possibly absorbed into the press. If it was possible that the French press was in the sink when there was yad soledet bo water and chameitz  before there was soap, then it should be treated as a problem.

That being said, there is probably room to be lenient here as well if absolutely necessary. First, even if the water was יס”ב, the French press only absorbed via נ”ט בר נ”ט (water hitting chameitz, then hitting pot), and even that was probably nifask hakiluachkeli sheini, etc. While there are poskim/Rishonim who rule that chameitz is considered איסורא even before Pesach, there are those who say that regardless, nat bar nat deheteira would still apply (see the discusion in Arukh HaShulchan OC 447:29). Add to that, mei’ikar hadin, although it is debated, we would say that a keli eino ben yomo and therefore notein ta’am lifgam is mutar bedieved on Pesach (see Shulchan Arukh OC 447:10 and Mishnah Berurah 98). Thus, we have:

  1.  If you always use soap, then it is nifsal mei’achilat kelev.
  2.  If you sometimes put it in the sink without soap then,
    1. There is good chance it wasn’t yad soledet bo.
    2. There is a chance even if was yad soledet bo, it was keli sheini, nifsak hakiluach, etc.
    3. It was nat bar nat, which according to many never became assur before Pesach.
    4. Even if all of the above was a problem, mei’ikar hadin it still should not be an issue on Pesach once it becomes eino ben yomo.

All that being said, if it was in something hot together with real chameitz, I would just kasher it.