Gifted a Blender Used with Non-kosher Protein Powders



A giyoret (convert) was offered this model of blender from her parents. It has never been used with anything hot, but non-kosher protein powders have been added to juices and fruits etc. and I am concerned about whether or not the crevices and nooks and cracks between the moving parts can be sufficiently cleaned/kashered. Do you have any guidance?

I can’t see how it’s a problem. It’s been washed with soap and hot water multiple times, I imagine. Anything stuck was either washed out or pagum (spoiled). (Ironically, it is an easier argument to say that soap is pogem when we are talking about b’eyn rather than balua). It’s also definitely less than 60, but that’s really besides the point here. (See generally SA YD 95:4)

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