Permissibility of Pizza Oven Grill Combo


Riverdale, NY

A friend of mine built a combination pizza oven grill. Regarding zei’ah, is pizza a solid? Is melted pizza liquid? Is the grill milkhig? Can he grill meat on the grill? Pizza in the lower oven?

There is a vent connecting the top of the pizza oven to the bottom of the grill. It’s open at least some of the time that pizza is in there, I guess to get some heat out of the pizza oven.

There’s no meat going in while there’s pizza in the bottom, but the grill grates are left on for convenience purposes, but the pizza zei’ah would go up into the grates that you would want to grill meat right on later. When meat is grilled, the juices presumably drip into the pizza oven. The oven is heated by super hot wood and the pizza doesn’t go in until it’s super super hot.


It’s a very problematic set up. Especially the meat juices going into the pizza oven. As to zei’ah, I’d have to see what’s going on but I assume that there is steam!

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