Selling Keilim to a Non-Jew When a Mikveh is Available



When all the mikvaot keilim closed, there was a (free) system set up for mechirat keilim until the mikvaot opened again. One mikveh is now open, but is only allowing one person to do the tevilah for people, for a fee.

Must one use the mikveh or can people still rely on the mechirah?

I’m referring to a new keli that has yet to be sold or toveled. The mechirat keilim system is still set up, but there’s a mikveh now available.


Then you should use it. I can’t see why we should allow a loophole (aka הערמה) given that it is not necessary. If you choose to do the mechirah, then you can use them, the mechirah works. I just don’t think you should do it.

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