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Brooklyn, NY

Can I put on a pre-sha’atneiz checked suit to have it tailored? (Will bring for check after it’s tailored; works better for timing before chag.)


Yes. There is no specific leidat hasafeik yet (unless you know that this brand often has sha’atneiz). If you know that the brand has sha’atneiz, then according to the Beit Yosef, it is a debate of the Tur/Rambam, although the Taz‘s discussion on this leaves room to think that for the Rambam it would also be permitted. The issue is: it is permitted to put it on when it is not tzorekh levishah, e.g., as a convenient way to carry it, or to put it on your lap to make adjustments? Is wearing it to try it on tzorekh levishah (because you davka need to be wearing it) or not (because you are not wearing it for the reason people wear clothes)? See Shulchan Arukh YD 301:6, and the Taz there.

For the Rema (Shulchan Arukh YD 301:6) it is unambiguous that it is mutar regardless,

תופרי כסות, תופרים כדרכם ובלבד שלא יתכוונו בחמה מפני החמה ובגשמים מפני הגשמים. והצנועין, תופרין בארץ… הגה: ויש מתירין אפילו ללבוש כלאים, כל שאינו מכוין להנאתו, כגון שלובש כלאים להעביר בו המכס או שלובשן כדי להראות מדתן אם רוצה למכרן וכדומה.