Washing Pareve and Dairy Keilim Together in a Dishwasher


Chicago, IL

Is there any reason not to wash pareve keilim alongside gendered keilim in a dishwasher? That is, if we use our dishwasher for dairy, are there any consequences from washing pareve pots or casseroles, etc. in the dishwasher along with the dairy items?


If there’s no be’ein it’s obviously not a problem. It is all nat bat nat. If there is be’ein then if the milkhig is not touching the pareve plate then also not a problem. It becomes nat bar nat in the water which then won’t transfer to the pareve keli. The only issue is if the milkhig keilim are directly on the pareve plate and they both get hit directly with a stream of water. However, since this is a case of נפסק הקילוח we would not say מפליט ומבליע כאחד so it can’t both come out of the milkhig and into the pareve plate.

All of this is putting aside the fact that it’s probably all pagum because of the soap.

Upshot – it’s fine. Just beware of the “you and your Shulchan Arukh are going to treif up my kitchen” response.

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