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Maryland, USA

Generally we say that if someone misses part of the megillah reading because something drew their attention away, they need to read the words they missed and catch up to the reader. What happens though if Zoom crashes? I assume someone would have to read a few words to themselves and catch up as they would in person – but how long would be “too long” for zoom to crash for someone to lose out on the mitzvah?

(Mishnah Berurah 690:7 says “אבל אם קרא מקצתה כשרה” – wondering if that means just less than half?)


Yes. As I discussed in my teshuva regarding the Chumash, less than half outside counts. I just don’t know if this counts as reading but doing so outside, or as not reading at all, since the person isn’t even on Zoom. In this case, there is no other choice, so you can assume that it counts like reading outside and anything less than half is okay.

Why not also have a conference call call in number. Not everyone has Zoom or is computer literate anyway.