Bedikah For a Women With a Longer Than Average Period


Midwest, USA

Is there a process the Rosh yeshiva recommends for women who regularly take until day 7/8/9 to get a clean hefseik? I’m not talking about women who didn’t understand leniencies around brown and now that we look at their bedikot we can tell them otherwise. I mean women who are regularly seeing red on bedikot until those days. Would you recommend doing everything they can to get a clean hefseik (cleaning, etc.) and if they can get it, then skipping the bedikot during the first several days of 7 nekiyim (and colored underwear of course), or is this not an option? Any other suggestions other than hormonal fixes? Or do we just say wait until the bleeding stops?

To be clear this is a woman who if you asked her would say “I have an 8 day period.” But let’s presume it is at a level of spotting, not flow by this point.


My general approach would be what you said – keep on trying until you get a clean hefseik – and you can try multiple times, etc. Then wear colored underwear, don’t look, etc., and do a bedikah on day 6 and day 7. Certainly in a case of procreation, but it would also be relevant in a case of extended period without marital sex, such as is implied by your question.

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