Construction to Make a Shul ADA-Accessible through Non Jewish Workers on Shabbat


Washington, DC.

We are engaged in what is proving to be an endless construction project at our shul. Part of it includes making the building ADA-accessible. The contractor has requested to be able to work on the interior of the building from 12-8 PM on Saturdays, at a time when no one is around. If we stipulate that they must remain inside the building and strictly adhere to the hours so as to avoid disruption to Shacharit and Mincha, would that be allowed?

The reason they are asking is to greater improve the likelihood that we will be ADA-accessible by the Yamim Noriam, so could one argue that there’s an element of kavod habriyot. Thank you very much.


Given your circumstances – it is permitted. However, I would strongly advise teaching your kahal about this before it gets underway.

(See Magen Avraham 244:5, MB 244:7 and MB 244:13, Beir Heitev OH 244:5, Shaarei Teshuvah 244:1, “לבני ביתו” (and Biur Halakha 244:1 “או לקצור”)

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