A sandwich maker hasn’t been used in over a year and the owner doesn’t remember if it was milkhig or fleishig or for anything at all!

  1. Can he rely on the sevara of the Chacham Tzvi/Maharsham and assume there’s no ta’am at all and not kasher it and then use it for whichever he wishes, since I imagine kashering it would require a blow torch and ruin it?
  2. If he can kasher it without a blow torch, how?


  1. On the one hand, it is not serious hefsed at all. On the other hand, we are talking about heter, not issur. And because it is צלי it doesn’t really go further than כדי קליפה/ נטילה, ignoring the chumrot of דבר המפעפע, which certainly isn’t relevant here. So it would seem to me that it never really goes beyond the bread itself. Given all that, I think one can rely on those poskim once it has been a year. However, given #2 (see below), there is no need here to do that, so I would not rely on that here. But one could in other comparable situations.
  2. It’s heter, so libun kal suffices, just turn it on and let it stay that way for a few minutes, and you should be fine. Since this is the cases, there is no need at all to rely on #1.